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Buying an MRI Machine? Here’s A Checklist.

Before purchasing an MRI system, it is vital to consider all the variables and technical points to make an informed buying decision. Some of the things to evaluate include the cost of an MRI machine, the technical system of the machine, type of image quality, and if you decide to buy a new MRI machine or a used one. You can use this list as a checklist that will help guide you on the very technical aspects of purchasing an MRI system.

How To Extend The Life Of Your CT Scanner

There’s nothing worse than going into work Monday morning to learn that results from one of your CT Scanners are unclear. It’s delivering blurry results that are unreliable and frankly, unusable. You take a quick look at the equipment and it’s imaging, it has some cosmetic scratches, the results are blurry and therefore can’t be professionally used.

Medical Equipment Leasing & Financing

Purchasing medical equipment is a time-consuming process that requires diligent and careful research. If you need new devices, consider if leasing medical equipment may be more cost-efficient for you. Depending on your lease/purchase, it can be easier, for example, to finance MRI equipment when leasing rather than purchasing.

Everything To Know About CT Scanner X-Ray Tubes

Learning about the different parts of your equipment is an important aspect to make sure it’s always working at its’ best. It also comes in handy when something goes wrong and you’re searching for replacement parts. For example, if you’re going to buy an MX200 CT Tube replacement for your scanner you should know some general information about the differences that can present themselves in the variety of s-ray tubes that are available.