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MRI Coil Repair Program

With the largest MRI coil inventory in the industry, DirectMed is able to offer coils for all major manufacturers, including: GE, Siemens, and Philips. Our services include electronic, cosmetic, and mechanical repairs. We also offer loaner coils in order to minimize downtime. Our ISO 13485 certification ensures all repairs are completed to OEM specifications.

Expedited Coil Repairs

We repair most coils within 24 – 48 hours, saving you from costly downtime. We understand the importance of quick turnaround times.

Loaner Program

DirectMed maintains the largest coil inventory in the industry. If you are in need of a temporary solution while your coil is being repaired, trust us to provide the solution.

Technical Support

Our engineers work around the clock to help you troubleshoot and diagnose your MRI coils. We are available 24 hours 7 days a week!


Coil Repairs Done Right

  • 90 Day Warranty On All Coil Repairs
  • Complete Coil Inspection & Test
  • Cosmetic Quality Assurance
  • Fast Turn Around & Support
  • Knowledgeable Customer Service


Behind The Scenes

We Support Many Manufacturers

Our MRI Coil Inventory

Below is a partial list of our 300+ unique coil SKUs. Please contact us to find out if we have your required coil in stock.

Part Name Part Number
1.5T 8CH Body Array Coil (Legacy Connector) 2377425-2
1.5T 8 Channel Body Array HD 2415366
Matrix Body Coil 7579555
1.5T 16 Channel HNS Spine 2423194
1.5T 16 Channel HNS Posterior (Dual Cable) 2423192
1.5T Quad Extremity Coil 472GE-64
1.5T 12 Channel Body Array Coil (A & B Port Hypertronix) 2415561
1.5T 16 Channel HNS Anterior Bridge 2416329
1.5T 16 Channel HNS Anterior Adapter 2416329
1.5T 16 Channel HNS Posterior (P Connector) 2423192
1.5T 8 Channel CTL Coil (Legacy) 2377426-2
1.5T 8 Channel CTL Coil (HD) 2416758
12 Channel Body Array (P Connector) 2416616
Head Matrix A Tim Coil 7577732
Spine Matrix Coil 7579340
1.5T 16 Channel HNS Neck & Chest 2423193
3.0T 8 Channel Legacy Torso Array 2381683-2
1.5T Avanto Knee/Foot Coil 474SI-64F
1.5T 8 Channel Hi Res Brain Coil (Legacy) 2317112-2
3.0T 8 Channel HDMR2 Torso Array Coil (Rx) 2415410
1.5T GEM Anterior Array 5391442
HD T/R Quad Extremity Coil 5147225-2
Avanto CP Extremity Coil 7579472
1.5T GEM HNU 5407408
3.0T 8 Channel CTL Array Coil (Hypertronix) 2415542
1.5T 16 Channel HNS Posterior (Single HDx Cable) 2423192
1.5T CP Head Array Coil 3146037
1.5T 8 Channel Neurovascular Array Coil 2317115-2
3.0T 8 CH CTL Array Coil 2413107
1.5T MARK 9000 USAI Phased Array Shoulder Coil 2375136-2
1.5T Siemens Extremity 474SI-64E
Neck Matrix A Tim Coil 7577906
3.0T 8 Channel High Resolution Brain Array 2380637-2
1.5T HD 8 Channel Hi Res Brain Array Coil 5146634-2
1.5T USAI 4 Channel CTL Coil 2225545-6
1.5T CP Neck Array Coil 3146540
Invivo Breast Coil for Siemens Espree MRI 104461
CP Body Array Flex 63 MR Coil 7100048
1.5T 8 Channel T/R Knee Array Coil 5114356-2
HD 8 Channel Neurovascular Array Coil 1.5 T 5147135-2
8 Channel Vibrant Breast Coil 2401500
3.0T Signa Excite Knee Foot Extremity Coil 2380635-2
3.0T HD Hi-Res Brain Coil 5147134-2
1.5T HD 8 Channel Cardiac Array 2415376
.35T CTL Coil 2282860
1.5T Philips Spine Coil 45221314927
HD 12 Channel Body Array (Hypertronix Connector) 2416616
1.5T GEM PA Coil 5372733
1.5 T HD Neurovascular Array Coil 5117092-2

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“When it comes to coil repairs, DirectMed is always our first choice. Ever since we started using DirectMed, our coil spend has decreased dramatically, all while receiving top notch customer service from a knowledgeable team.”

– Jessica R., Florida
Radiology Director

Don’t see the coil you need?

This is only a list of 50 coils out of the several hundred unique sku’s we have in stock. Please request a quote for more information.